Nursing Communication Tools Lead to Improvements In ERAS

Katie Bradley, BSN
Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology
Division of Women’s Health
Poster Overview

The ERAS pathway is a set of guidelines patients should follow after a surgical procedure if they want to achieve the best possible recovery. Patients who follow the ERAS guidelines have been shown to have less post-operative complications. In order for patients to achieve these goals they have to be educated on these guidelines. The use of educational materials such as a laminated poster, a smart phrase in EPIC, and a nursing handoff template help to allow effective communication between providers and patients.

Scientific Abstract

Enhanced Recovery After Surgery (ERAS) is a set of protocols used by Brigham and Women’s Gynecology/Oncology surgical team to help ensure patients have the best surgical outcomes. Effective communication is a fundamental component of implementing the ERAS pathway. The purpose of this project was to increase patient knowledge surrounding the ERAS pathway and therefore improve ERAS compliance for both nurses and patients. The multidisciplinary ERAS team developed several education materials to communicate effectively with patients. Developed materials included a laminated poster, a smart phrase in EPIC, and a nursing handoff template. Data over a six-month period from October 2018 to March 2019 demonstrated that using educational resources when communicating the ERAS pathway to our patients and colleagues improved ERAS compliance rates. Overall, patient ERAS compliance increased from 51% to 81%.

Clinical Implications
These educational tools has led to increased compliance with the ERAS pathway not only for our nursing staff, but also for our GYN/Oncology patient population.
Research Areas
Katie Bradley, Kristen Aleksa, Kelley Driscoll
Principal Investigator
Katie Bradley, Kristen Aleksa, Kelley Driscoll

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I would recommend defining ERAS somewhere on the poster — preferably in the title, and giving at least a sentence about where it came from. for example “Enhanced Recovery after Surgery guidelines (ERAS) is a set of protocols developed at BWH for…” OR “Enhanced Recovery after Surgery guidelines (ERAS) is a set of evidence-based, nationally-validated protocols that BWH adopted in 20XX to improve x.”

It wasn’t clear to me until reading halfway down the page what this was, or why it might be important.

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