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Brigham Lung Research Day

Friday May 12, 2023 | 2:30PM - 6PM

The Brigham Research Institute’s Lung Research Center is hosting their Lung Research Day which will feature a keynote address by Jeffrey A. Whitsett, MD, from the University of Cincinnati. The event will also include a poster session open to all Brigham researchers that work in lung biology.

The symposium aims to bring together pulmonary-related researchers and clinicians at the Brigham, as well as highlight research achievements within the lung community and promote cross-collaborative efforts.

Poster Session 1

4:40PM - 5:10PM

  1. Syed Moin Hassan, MD
    Polysomnography-derived hypoxemic markers associated with pulmonary hypertension in obstructive sleep apnea
  2. Farhad Nezami, PhD
    Computational modeling of oxygen transport to predict cardiac ischemia in lung failure patients treated with upper body venoarterial extracorporeal membrane oxygenation
  3. Sebastian Ricketts
    HIV-associated modulation of TB-specific antibody signatures in HIV/TB co-infection
  4. Rachel Leo, BA
    Clinicopathology and Survival for Young Lung Cancer Patients Undergoing Surgical Treatment
  5. Timothy Klouda, DO
    The role of vascular mural cells in a novel flow-induced pulmonary hypertension model
  6. Tahereh Mina Derakhshan, PhD
    Airway fibroblasts direct mast cell progenitor proliferation and polarization
  7. Mudassir Banday, PhD
    Distinct Pulmonary Virome Signature Accentuates Influenza Related Lung Injury And Is Associated With Chronic Rejection in Lung Transplant Recipients
  8. Alberta Wang, MD
    Early life microRNA programming of asthma and allergic diseases
  9. Hong Yong Peh, PhD
    Resolvin D2 Regulates Type-II Responses in Murine Allergic Lung Inflammation
  10. Yunju Jeong, PhD
    Autocrine LIF-LIFR loop in fibroblasts drives recruitment of Granzyme K+ T cells in earlier-stage ILD
  11. Min Hyung Ryu, PhD
    Blood gene expression and immune cell subtypes associated with COPD exacerbations
  12. Narae Hwang, PhD
    Induction of Autophagy by Carbon Monoxide Conditioning Enhances Human Mesenchymal Stromal Cell Function During Sepsis
  13. Mizanur Rahman, PhD
    A TP53 Genotype Affects Mucin Gene Expression and Survival of Female Embryos
  14. Antonio Arciniegas Rubio, MD
    microRNA181b Limits Gut Permeability in Abdominal Sepsis
  15. Mi Ho Jeong, PharmD, PhD
    Multiplexed analysis of cell-specific single extracellular vesicle
  16. Zi Chen, PhD
    Elastogenesis as a Self-Organized Stochastic Process in the Developing Lung
  17. Jun Nagai, PhD
    Challenge of next generation of leukotriene receptor modulator
  18. Juuso Paajanen, MD, PhD
    Monitoring serum CA-125 and mesothelin levels after pleurectomy decortication in pleural mesothelioma
  19. Lourdes Ramirez, MD
    Association of prenatal maternal and infant vitamin D supplementation with offspring asthma
  20. Michel Alchoueiry, MD,MSc
    The Role of Lysosomes in Renal Tumorigenesis in Birt-Hogg-Dubé Syndrome
  21. Yichen Huang
    Longitudinal DNA Methylation Analysis Reveals Pathways Influencing Lung Function
  22. Camila Lopes-Ramos, PhD
    Using Gene Regulatory Networks to Understand Sex Differences in Lung Cancer Gene Regulation
  23. Damir Khabibullin, MS
    Roles of Tfe3 and Tfeb in mediating mesenchymal cell abnormality caused by FLCN deficiency in Birt Hogg Dube Syndrome
  24. Jonathan Rose, MD, MS
    Proteomic Profile of Interstitial Lung Abnormalities in Relatives of Patients with Pulmonary Fibrosis

Poster Session 2

5:15PM - 5:45PM

  1. Priyadarshini Kachroo, PhD
    DNA Methylation Predicting Lung Function Trajectories Across life course in multi-ethnic childhood cohorts
  2. Toru Shirahata, MD
    Increased CT-derived Left Atrial Measurements are Associated with Elevated PCWP in Patients with Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis
  3. Sayeda Yasmin-Karim, MD, PhD
    Aerosol Delivery of Immunotherapy and Flavonoid Nanoparticles in Murine Lung Cancer Model
  4. Tanawin Nopsopon, MD, MPH
    Lung function trajectories in a cohort of patients with moderate-to-severe asthma who initiated mepolizumab, omalizumab, and dupilumab therapy
  5. Sofia Mettler, MD, MSc, MPH
    Persistent airway mucus plugs and changes in lung function in COPD
  6. Tao Liu, PhD
    Gasdermin B is an RNA sensor that promotes interferon response and airway inflammation
  7. Zerihun Negasi, PhD
    An improved method for quantifying emphysema and establishing a mouse model of emphysema using cigarette smoke exposure and H1N1 influenza virus infection
  8. Elias Bou Farhat, MD
    Comprehensive Genetic Analysis of Patients with Sporadic Lymphangioleiomyomatosis
  9. Hung Nguyen, PhD
    Autocrine LIF/LIFR loop amplifies multiple pro-fibrotic programs in lung fibroblasts and LIFR blockade reduces fibrosis in human IPF PCLS
  10. Pieter Cory, BS
    CTHRC1 Upregulates Cell Proliferation and Complement Component 3 (C3) in Lymphangioleiomyomatosis
  11. Katherine Shutta, PhD
    Divergent lung tissue methylation signatures of COPD and pulmonary fibrosis
  12. Yan Tang, PhD
    Neoadjuvant atezolizumab for resectable non-small cell lung cancer
  1. Andréanne Gagné, MD PhD
    Clinical impact of reporting incidental thrombotic arteriopathy in lung resection specimens
  2. Ahmed Sadek, MD
    Thrombocytosis is Associated with Venous Thromboembolism and Tumor Volume in Pleural Mesothelioma
  3. Xin Wang, PhD
    Metabolic control of airway basal stem cell fate through regulating ER homeostasis
  4. Ana Villasenor Altamirano, PhD
    KLRG1+ TEMRA CD8+ T cells are enriched in single-cell analysis of mild-moderate COPD lung
  5. Tanmoy Saha, PhD
    Overcoming roadblocks of immunotherapy in non-small cell lung cancer
  6. Dohun Kim, MD, PhD
    Quantitative measurement of PNEUMOTHORAX using AI management model and clinical application
  7. Jillian Wise, PhD
    Genome-wide analysis of therapeutically induced mutations in small cell lung cancer reveals potential vulnerability to immune checkpoint blockade with temozolomide and Olaparib treatment
  8. Julian Hecker
    Robust Interaction Testing using Sample Splitting (RITSS) identifies widespread gene-by-sex interactions in lung function
  9. Mohammadmostafa Asheghan, PhD
    A Novel Lumped Parameter Model to Assess Disease Severity in Mechanically Ventilated ARDS Patients