Neuroscience Day Submission Instructions

You have 2 minutes max to record your presentation. Record yourself on Zoom. If you have slides, “share your screen” on Zoom and put yourself in side-by-side Speaker View. Press the record button.

If you for some reason cannot record on Zoom, record on your phone with your phone turned horizontally. It can be tempting to record vertically, but it works best if you record horizontally! You can also use a selfie stick if you have one or set up a makeshift ‘tripod’ using a few books and then lean your phone against them.

When you are done recording on Zoom, Zoom will “convert” your video and save it to your default folder.

Rename the file to include your first name and last name. 

You can submit through this submission form.

Helpful Tips

· If you can record yourself in a well-lit room (or even outside on a nice day if you like!), that’s ideal. Try not to film with a window behind you so that you aren’t backlit.

· Record in a quiet room. Find a space where there isn’t a lot of noise. Use a headset with a microphone, (even just your phone’s earbuds will work as it will make the audio much clearer.) One trick you can also do when recording in a noisy area is to place soft fabric objects (pillows, stuffed animals, etc.) on the desk within a few feet of the microphone, they’ll help absorb some of the external noise before it reaches the microphone. Rooms with a lot of soft surfaces make great spaces to record in.

· Keep it simple – you can record a few off-the-cuff and pick the one you like the best or script something for yourself ahead of time; it’s up to you. Practice a few times, record a few times, send us the best one.