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Shayna Levine, MD, MS







Background: Sex- and gender-based medicine (SGBM) aims to understand how biological sex and gender affect pathophysiology and expression of human disease. Despite efforts to include women in medical research and report data by sex, there has been little uptake of this mandate or translation into medical education and clinical practice. We aim to mobilize students and trainees to create a resource of SGBM content that will expand awareness and bridge the gap in traditional medical education curricula.

Methods: Phase one involved nine students who designed innovative sex and gender educational materials; we have surveyed to evaluate if participating increased exposure to SGBM and connected participants with physicians interested in similar topics. In phase two, we paired 300 students with physician experts to produce SGBM content for fifty common medical conditions. We will survey to evaluate similar parameters.

Results: In survey data from phase one, students strongly agreed that participating increased their knowledge of SGBM and created connections to others with similar interest. Qualitative data suggests that involvement encouraged students to develop literature review skills, find mentors and hone mentorship skills.

Conclusions: This preliminary data has informed our leadership of how to engage new students for the advancement of SGBM education.