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General Poster Instructions
The deadline to submit your poster files is Friday, October 16th at 11:59PM. 
  • While it does depend on what program you use to create your poster, here are some general instructions to ensure that your poster will shine on the Virtual Poster Session website. 
  • If you use Powerpoint, use the ‘widescreen’ (16:9) dimensions for your poster.
  • Save it as a .PDF (or ‘print to PDF’ works, too!) (All uploads are limited to 100MB, so if you’re having trouble, you can use the alternate option and provide us with a dropbox link to your PDF instead!).
  • If you’re creating it in some other program, the dimensions 1920px X 1080px correspond to the widescreen/16:9 dimensions.
  • Each poster must be a single slide, however, remember you don’t need to fit ALL of the information on the poster itself, because your poster webpage will also feature your abstract, the categories you chose, the audio recording if you chose to record that as well. 
Audio Recording
  • We wanted to give poster presenters another opportunity to provide some context for their research, but wanted to make it as simple as possible, so if you would like to (this is not required), you may record a 1-2 minute audio presentation that will accompany your poster.
  • You can record this using the ‘voice memo’ feature on your phone. 
  • We recommend finding a quiet room with lots of soft surfaces (pillows, furniture) to help absorb any ambient noise, using the microphone on your headphones if possible, the sound quality will be much better that way.
  • The file types that you can provide are mp3 or wav files. If you have trouble uploading your audio file using our upload feature, please use the alternative option and provide us with a dropbox link to the file instead.
Submit Your Poster