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Trey Toombs, PhD



Research Staff


Brigham and Women's Hospital, Wyss Institute


Wyss Diagnostics Accelerator


Principal Investigator


Accelerating the development of novel diagnostics


The Wyss Diagnostics Accelerator (DxA) facilitates and leverages strategic partnerships built around a bedside-to-bench-to-bedside framework to accelerate the development of innovative diagnostic technologies that directly address high-value, unmet clinical needs. Spanning the pipeline from early stage discovery to technology development and delivery, the DxA brings together key stakeholders from academic institutions, hospitals, regulatory agencies, payors, and other entities to build knowledge and resources to de-risk and accelerate novel diagnostic projects.

The DxA has launched three programs across the diagnostic development pipeline: the Biomarker Discovery Laboratory, which deploys a multi-omics approach to identify novel disease related or host response biomarkers; the Brigham-Wyss DxA, which is built on an institutional partnership to marry the clinical expertise at the Brigham with the technology and translational capabilities of the Wyss Institute; and the Industrial Participant Program, which provides a platform to partner with industry to accelerate the delivery of new diagnostics.

Research Context

The goal of the Wyss DxA is to save lives and improve clinical care through innovative, new diagnostics, with a special focus on underrepresented communities. In this regard, the DxA is partnering with leaders in women’s health to identify and address unmet clinical needs where women are either solely, disproportionately or differentially affected. Exploratory biomarker discovery projects have recently launched for endometrioma, endometriosis and ovarian cancer. Clinicians and researchers from the Brigham are encouraged to connect and explore partnership opportunities.