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Poster Sessions at The Brigham

Welcome to the Brigham and Women’s Hospital Research Poster website. This website houses posters for both virtual and in person poster sessions, including internal events and events open to the public. 

Some poster sessions are password protected for attendees, others, like Discover Brigham, are open to everyone and we invite you to learn more about the research happening at Brigham and Women’s Hospital.

Research Poster Sessions by Category

Discover Brigham

Celebrating and promoting the work of the Brigham research, discovery, and innovation community

Connors BRI

Highlighting Harvard researchers in areas of research related to sex-differences, gender biology, and women’s health

Lung Research

Highlighting the exciting research activities of the lung community and encourage cross-collaborative research efforts


Celebrating the work of our researchers in the Neuroscience community

Sleep Medicine

Highlighting the work of the sleep medicine division’s research at Harvard and BWH


Celebrating the work of women in medicine at Harvard and BWH                         

Brigham Research Cores and Resources Fair

Sponsored by the Brigham Research Institute to provide an opportunity for the BWH research community to learn more about resources available to them as well as for cores to connect with researchers.

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Frequently Asked Questions

A poster session is a presentation of research in the form of a poster, usually held in-person or virtually.

Poster sessions are common at academic conferences and allow for the dissemination of information in a more informal setting than traditional presentations.

Poster sessions are important because they provide an opportunity for researchers to share their work with wider audiences.

They also allow for more informal interactions between presenters and attendees, which can lead to valuable feedback and collaboration opportunities.

Typically, a poster session is organized as a series of individual presentations, with each presenter having a designated time slot to explain it to interested attendees.

Attendees typically walk around the room, looking at all the posters and talking to the presenters.

A virtual poster session is essentially the same as the physical poster session, but it takes place online.

Presenters can create their posters using digital tools and then share them online.

Attendees can view the posters at their convenience, and also interact with the presenters via chat or video conferencing.

Some of the benefits of virtual poster sessions are:

  • You can reach a wider audience than you would be able to reach in person.
  • You can connect with other researchers online.
  • You can share your research with people who may not be able to attend the conference in person.
  • You can get feedback on your research from other researchers.