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Amanda E Garza, PhD, Lydia Lynch, PhD

Breakout Room

Animal Metabolic Core



Animal Metabolic Core

The BWH Metabolic Core comprises a 24 cage Comprehensive Lab Animal Monitoring System (CLAMS) that collects quantitative 24-hour monitoring data to assess multiple metabolic and physiologic parameters in mice. The core provides guidance with experimental design, data analysis, and scientific interpretation.


The Metabolic Core houses a Comprehensive Laboratory Animal Monitoring System (CLAMS) for continuous assessment of metabolic performance via indirect calorimetry. The CLAMS system records multiple parameters, including energy expenditure, fuel utilization, food intake, ambulatory activity, and core body temperature.


Our chambers can maintain housing temperatures from thermoneutrality (30-34°C) to cold (4°C), and the light cycle can be modified. Our system is equipped with individual voluntary wheel running and continuous monitoring.


We operate a bomb calorimeter (Parr Instruments) and can measure the energy content of food and fecal material. Glucose and insulin tolerance testing is provided. In addition, we provide experimental design, data analysis, and scientific interpretation guidance.