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Sami Amr, PhD

Breakout Room

Biobank Genomics Core


Biobank Genomics Core

The Biobank Genomics Core offers a range of sequencing services, including whole genome/exome, RNAseq, microRNAseq, microbial/Covid-19 sequencing among others. Advanced bioinformatics analysis options are available to support all sequencing worklfows above. In addition, the BGC offers genotyping, methylation, and expression analysis on the Illumina’s iScan array platform.


The Biobank Genomics Core at MGB-PPM, performs sequencing, genotyping, and gene expression (array and sequencing). The core has the Illumina NovaSeq and NextSeq platforms and performs both clinical grade CLIA genome and exome sequencing for clinical and research projects.

The BGC also offers RNASeq, microRNAseq, 16s rRNA microbial profiling, and Covid-19 sequencing, which are automated on robots for high-throughput and consistent performance. In addition, bioinformatics services are available for all our NGS worklfows. The core also supports genotyping projects using the iScan for Illumina high throughput array based genotyping, methylation studies, as well as expression profiling.