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Daniel Irimia, MD, PhD

Breakout Room

BioMEMS Core



BioMEMS Core

Focusing on translational activities that helps advance biomedical research at Mass General Brigham.


Today, many challenging biomedical problems cannot be approached with the current technology toolbox. New technologies, including microfluidics, push these limits for clinical medicine, life sciences, and technology applications. Leading with these efforts, the MGH BioMEMS Core (BMC) focuses on translational activities that advance the biomedical research of Mass General-Brigham investigators. BMC also provides an environment attractive for industry partners interested in prototype testing and early scale-up efforts.

BMC provides:

  • consulting to biomedical investigators interested in microfluidic tools,
  • training in microfluidic-specific techniques,
  • access to microfabrication infrastructure to trained users,
  • microfabrication services for Bio-MEMS device users.