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Steven Whitford, MS

Breakout Room




Brigham Research Assay Core Laboratory (BRAC)

Providing high-quality research assays to the research community


The BRAC Laboratory provides a comprehensive menu of high-quality research assays to the research community at competitive costs. We are a CDC and CLIA certified laboratory and is accredited by the Joint Commission. We seek to meet the needs of its investigators with new and relevant technologies, and evolving research support.

The BRAC lab offers analysis by LC/MS/MS, Equilibrium Dialysis, RIA, ELISA, or Chemiluminescence of over 70 high-sensitive assays, including uncommon assays such as Ghrelin, Free Testosterone, GDF-8, GDF-11, DABK, and DAKD.

We can also develop new assays upon request and offer a variety of services such as sample storage, PBMC Isolation and DNA Extraction.