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Jack Lawatsch, MPA

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BWH Center for Clinical Investigations

At the CCI, our focus is to support investigators over the entire lifespan of a given research study.

From pre-study IRB applications to post-study statistical analysis, please reach out to see what supporting resources we have available for your study.


The Center for Clinical Investigation (CCI) is the home for clinical research at Brigham and Women’s Hospital. The CCI provides outpatient and inpatient clinical facilities. We support both adult and newborn research services for research investigators or industry collaborators translating promising clinical research ideas into successful protocols. 

Our mission is to maximize BWH’s ability to conduct clinical research as effectively and accurately as possible. We provide a full range of research support, facilities, and services to meet the demands of investigators through the protocol start up, implementation, data analysis, and reporting phases of clinical research activities 


 Research Space

Three outpatient clinics and an inpatient unit allow the full breadth of translational research to take place through the CCI. The Clinical Trials Hub in the Hale Building for Transformative Medicine, our newest outpatient clinic has expanded space available for research infusions and neurology studies and allowed for some long duration outpatient visits to move away from the inpatient unit.  

The Tower 9 Inpatient Unit has been updated with the hospital’s newest pumps, lift installation, streamlined Epic and Omnicell access, and biomed updates to have the same equipment as oncology floors. The unit will now support mixed use—oncology research, clinical oncology and standard CCI research visits. Based on these updates, our research portfolio can now accommodate studies of patients with a health condition or disease requiring higher levels of patient care. 


Clinical Support Services

Clinical facilities and services are the foundation of CCI offerings for supporting investigators. Over the past year investments have focused on making the services most needed by investigators more accessible by quantity, location or time of day.  

Increased Nurse Practitioner staff allows us to offer expand services, including performing subject history and physicals and assessing for adverse events. Expanded lab processing services offer easy access to sample processing throughout the day and into the night. Upgrades to our inpatient unit now allow for support of a broader research portfolio. On-going goals include staff training and upgrading operational processes in support of this enhanced range of research.