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Wednesday, November 3rd, 2021 | 1pm - 3:45pm et

Virtual Event

Lai Ding, PhD

Senior Imaging Scientist
Medicine, Neurology, Pathology, Psychiatry
Basic Neuroscience Research, Genetics, Neurosurgery, General Neurology, Neuromuscular Disease
NeuroTechnology Studio: A suite of advanced technologies to support the BWH neuroscience community

Principal Investigator: Charles Jennings

Authors: Lai Ding
Lay Abstract

The NeuroTechnology Studio is a platform of advanced instrumentation and expert support for brain research at BWH. Its overall mission is to advance understanding of brain function and brain disease by providing Brigham researchers with access to cutting-edge technologies, in areas that include microscopic imaging, cell screening, molecular profiling, and medicinal chemistry. These are critical technologies for modern neuroscience research, and they have seen rapid advances in the past few years. By providing shared access to state-of-the-art instruments, the NeuroTechnology Studio will ensure that BWH remains at the forefront of these new developments. In addition to equipment, the Studio’s expert technical staff provide training workshops and individual consultation to users, enduring that they are able to use these powerful instruments to their full advantage.

Scientific Abstract

The NeuroTechnology Studio (NTS) is a dynamic and fast-expanding core facility, founded in 2017 in an effort to unify brain researchers across departments and disciplines within the Brigham and Women’s Hospital (BWH) and other local institutions. The NTS supports the neuroscience community through three fronts:  A) providing an accessible platform of advanced instrumentation and expert support. B) Serving as an innovation hub, making current and emerging imaging techniques/instruments available to labs that may not have the capacity to establish these platforms independently. C) Serving as an educational resource and a bridge to enhance collaborations between individual labs.


The core has acquired major imaging instruments including: Zeiss LSM880+AiryScan confocal microscope, GE INCELL Analyzer 2200, Leica DMi8 widefield microscope, Thorlab Multiphoton Mesoscope, and Bruker Ultima 2pPlus multi-photon microscope.  The core also has two dedicated workstations that support imaging projects on confocal, super-resolution, widefield, live cell imaging, high throughput screening, intravital live animal imaging.  The NTS also supports molecular profiling and functional phenotyping, and hosts instruments including Agilent Seahorse (cellular metabolic function), Illumina NextSeq550 (high-throughput sequencing) and 10X genomics chromium controller (droplet-based single cell analysis). Molecular profiling and imaging work in conjunction to provide rich, multidimensional data that help answer complex biological questions.

Clinical Implications

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