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Poster Session

Wednesday, November 3rd, 2021 | 1pm - 3:45pm et

Virtual Event

Posters A-Z

Ahmad Abdel-Azim

Comprehensive genomic and clinicopathologic characterization of advanced PEComa tumors with metastatic potential

Alexandra Adamis, BS

Implicit emotion regulation in bipolar disorder: Negative attentional bias persists across the lifespan

Sophia Adelson, BA

The Impact of Personal and Family Medical History on Family Sharing Practices in the Mass General Brigham Biobank

Hyeonmin Ahn, PhD

Homeostatic and mesolimbic network functional connectivity during food reward processing in response to psychosocial stress

Isabel Brown

Silver linings: The mixed personal experiences among postpartum women during the COVID-19 pandemic

Alexandra Businger, MPH

Advancing Precision Health through the All of Us Research Program: Insights from the New England Consortium

Bowen Chen

A 3D Printed Embedded AI-based Microscope for Pathology Diagnosis

Eve Cohen

An eating disorders network derived from human brain lesions

Emma Deary, BA

Peer Support Experiences in Patients with Hematologic Malignancies Undergoing Hematopoietic Stem Cell Transplantation: A Qualitative Study

Prabhavi Denagamage, BS, MPH

Implementing Weight Loss Before Total Joint Arthroplasty Using A Remote Dietitian and Mobile App: A Randomized, Control Trial

Lai Ding, PhD

NeuroTechnology Studio: A suite of advanced technologies to support the BWH neuroscience community

Abdelrahman ElTohamy, MD

Effect of Learned Helplessness on Stress-Based Symptoms of Asian Young Adults in the U.S. during COVID-19

Ahmed Elzoghby, PhD

Combined Exosome Release Inhibitory & Fibroblast Phenotype Reversal Nanomedicines Normalize CAFs & Potentiate Cancer Immunotherapy

Bridget Faison, AA

Evaluating the Effect of Brigham Health’s Housing Program on Patients’ Experiences

Placidina Fico, MPH

Should Social Determinants of Health Interventions in Primary Care Use Universal or Targeted Approach? Lessons from an Observational Cohort Study of a Universal Pediatric Primary Care Approach

Madison Forde, BA

“My Brigham Baby” Smartphone Application. Using Technology to Enhance Parent Discharge Preparedness and Promote Family Resilience in the NICU.

Krinio Giannikou, MSc, PhD

Distinct oncogenic signatures in malignant PEComa and Leiomyosarcoma identified by integrative RNA-seq and H3K27ac ChIP-seq analysis

Nichola Haddad, BA

A Personalized, Telehealth Music Therapy Intervention for Lonely Older Adults: A Feasibility Study

Rosangela Hoshi, PhD

Association of Physical Activity with Bioactive Lipids, BMI, and Risk of Future, Cardiovascular Events: Mediation Analysis from the Vitamin D and Omega-3 Trial (VITAL) and Jupiter Studies

Jie Hu, MD, PhD

Sex differences in the intergenerational link between maternal and neonatal whole blood DNA methylation: An analysis in the Boston Birth Cohort

Ruifeng Hu, PhD

Accelerating Parkinson’s Disease Diagnosis using Multi-omics and Artificial Intelligence

Emily Johns, BA

Lack of Sexual Dimorphism in Language Processing Gray Matter Regions in Early Psychosis

Eric Jordan, BS

Does preoperative frailty index screening predict postoperative outcomes in geriatric total knee and hip arthroplasty patients?

Kyuree Kim

Mapping the Brain-Heart Connection Using Brain Lesions

Katarzyna Klonowska, PhD

90% TSC1/TSC2 mosaicism detection rate in Tuberous Sclerosis Complex patients without mutation identified in commercial labs

Amisha Kumar, MPH

Impact of Language and Education on participant research attitudes and engagement in clinical research: The Type 1 Diabetes Bone Health Connection (T1D BEACON) Sub Study

Luwei Liu, MBI

DATA-DRIVEN COVID-19 RISK-ALERT Clinical Decision Support Platform

Sanghoon Kim, PhD

Scan time Saving Uniformity Correction Technique for In-vivo 7T MR Brain 23Na Imaging

Jasmine Kumar, BEng

Adaptive adversarial neural networks for the analysis of lossy and domain-shifted datasets of medical images

Wendy Meek, BBA

Does Conservation of the Labrum Decrease the Chances of Conversion to Total Hip Arthroplasty?

Sai Merugumala, MS

Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy for Dynamic Measurement of Skeletal Muscle Energetics During Exercise

Julian Moran, BSc

Rationale and design of the PIONEER PLUS study evaluating high dose oral GLP-1 receptor agonist therapy for the treatment of type 2 diabetes

Yutaro Mori, MD, PhD

KIM-1-mediated Proximal Tubular Uptake of Palmitic Acid-Albumin Leads to Progressive Diabetic Kidney Disease

Natasha Najam

Examining the Effects of Molecular Aberrations on Metabolic Tumor Environment

Farhad Nezami, PhD

A Computational Patient-Specific Model of Impella Support for Cardiogenic Shock

Daniel O’Connor

Non-Invasive Quantitation of Muscular and Hepatic Fat Mass and Distribution for Treatment Monitoring

Emma Perez, MGC

Examining the phenotypes of MGB Biobank participants with the V142I TTR variant using a genotype first approach

Teja Polisetty, BS

Does Femoral Component Sizing Differ Between Robotic-Assisted Versus Manual Total Knee Arthroplasty?

Julia Potter, BA

Childhood Trauma is Associated with Cognitive Functioning in Adult Affectively Stable Patients with Bipolar Disorder

Alexa Poremba

A pilot study to assess reproducibility of 1,305 proteins in peritoneal fluid

Clemens Probst, MS

TSC1 mutant bladder cancer has a distinct phenotype characterized by lysosomal gene expression and nuclear localization of TFE3

Avery Pullman, BS

Defining Venous Thromboembolism in the Electronic Health Record: An Informatics Approach

Hannah Rice, BA

Computerized clinical decision support: Defining end-user requirements for primary care staff and patients

Samuel Rudisill, BS

Hamstring Injury Prevention and Risk Factor Management: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis of Randomized Controlled Trials

Abigail Sagona, BA

Frailty is Associated with Increased Mortality and Re-admission in Geriatric Hip Fractures

Chunlei Tang, PhD

Mobile Image Analysis for Urinalysis Strips Using a Backpropagation Neural Network

Anthony Tristani

Mortality, Major Thromboembolic Events, and Major Adverse Cardiovascular Outcomes in Patients with Various Smoking Histories Diagnosed with COVID-19

Rachel Van Boxtel, BS

Relationship between missing data and bipolar disorder (BD) symptom severity in digital phenotyping

Andrew Willett, MS

Longitudinal 18F-PBR06 (TSPO) and Volumetric MR Imaging as Pharmacodynamic Endpoints for MSA – Ongoing Investigator-Sponsored Trial of Verdiperstat

Jenna Wilson, PhD

It’s Lonely at the Top (of the Pandemic): Depression Mediates the Impact of Loneliness on Pain-Related Catastrophizing during COVID-19

Siyuan Wu, BS

Contributions of Accelerated Skin Aging in Recessive Dystrophic Epidermolysis Bullosa to Squamous Cell Carcinoma Development

Xiaomeng You, PhD

Bone loss with aging is independent of age-related gut microbiome dysbiosis in mice

Jie Yuan

Integrating spatial transcriptomics and known regulatory elements to elucidate mechanisms of Parkinson’s disease

Luoting Zhuang, BS

Deep Learning-based Integration of Histology and Radiology for Improved Survival Prediction in Glioma Patients