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Brandon Hancock BS, Ekaterina(Katya) Murzin, Alec Griffith

Breakout Room

LMA CyTOF Antibody Core


LMA CyTOF Antibody Core

We offer CyTOF antibodies. We have a core catalog and can do custom conjugations.


Utilizing a 42 metal catalogue, we have developed panels for both human & mouse immune cell subsets, along with other cell classifications. With over 450 unique conjugations, any user can create their own panel from our inventory. Metal cross-talk & antibody sensitivity knowledge is used to carefully design each panel.

Following design & conjugation, all antibodies are validated on the CyTOF with a standard staining procedure. If a marker is desired that is not available in the current inventory, one can make a request. These custom conjugations allow the user to collaborate with us to find the best metal choice to fit their panel & potentially the core inventory. Through this centralized resource, collaborations & panel expansion is readily accomplished.