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Dr. Lai Ding

Breakout Room

NeuroTechnology Studio



NeuroTechnology Studio

Providing access to cutting-edge technologies and support for brain research at BWH.


The NeuroTechnology Studio (NTS) is a dynamic and fast-expanding core facility, founded in 2017 in an effort to unify brain researchers across departments and disciplines within the Brigham and Women’s Hospital (BWH) and other local institutions.

The core has acquired major imaging instruments including: Zeiss LSM880+AiryScan confocal microscope, GE INCELL Analyzer 2200, Leica DMi8 widefield microscope, Thorlab Multiphoton Mesoscope, and Bruker Ultima 2pPlus multi-photon microscope.The NTS also supports molecular profiling and functional phenotyping, and hosts instruments including Agilent Seahorse (cellular metabolic function), Illumina NextSeq550 and 10X genomics chromium controller.