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Maria Edelen PHD, Joanna O'Gorman BS, Andrea Pusic MD

Breakout Room

BWH Prove Center


Patient-Reported Outcome, Value and Experience (PROVE) Center

The PROVE Center focuses on using innovative methods to study outcomes that matter the most to patients and their caregivers.


The Patient-Reported Outcome, Value and Experience (PROVE) Center focuses on studying what matters most to patients, by understanding patient and caregiver preferences and values, to promote and operationalize high-value and patient-centered care at Mass General Brigham, and globally.

Our mission is to expand the collection, analysis and utilization of patient-reported outcome measures (PROMs). We are a team of clinicians, psychometricians, and data scientists who collaborate with healthcare professionals, researchers, patients, and decision-makers to amplify the patient’s and caregiver’s voice in treatment planning, organization, and delivery, as well as reimbursement.

The PROVE Center PROMs Research Launch Pad provides a consultant service to help clinicians and researchers seeking support for PROM-related research projects.