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Poster Session

Wednesday, November 3rd, 2021 | 1pm - 3:45pm et

Virtual Event

Tag: Cancer

Natasha Najam

Examining the Effects of Molecular Aberrations on Metabolic Tumor Environment

Siyuan Wu, BS

Contributions of Accelerated Skin Aging in Recessive Dystrophic Epidermolysis Bullosa to Squamous Cell Carcinoma Development

Luoting Zhuang, BS

Deep Learning-based Integration of Histology and Radiology for Improved Survival Prediction in Glioma Patients

Clemens Probst, MS

TSC1 mutant bladder cancer has a distinct phenotype characterized by lysosomal gene expression and nuclear localization of TFE3

Ahmed Elzoghby, PhD

Combined Exosome Release Inhibitory & Fibroblast Phenotype Reversal Nanomedicines Normalize CAFs & Potentiate Cancer Immunotherapy

Bowen Chen

A 3D Printed Embedded AI-based Microscope for Pathology Diagnosis

Ahmad Abdel-Azim

Comprehensive genomic and clinicopathologic characterization of advanced PEComa tumors with metastatic potential

Sanghoon Kim

Scan time Saving Uniformity Correction Technique for In-vivo 7T MR Brain 23Na Imaging