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Poster Session

Wednesday, November 3rd, 2021 | 1pm - 3:45pm et

Virtual Event

Tag: Genetics

Ahmad Abdel-Azim

Comprehensive genomic and clinicopathologic characterization of advanced PEComa tumors with metastatic potential

Emma Perez, MGC

Examining the phenotypes of MGB Biobank participants with the V142I TTR variant using a genotype first approach

Sophia Adelson, BA

The Impact of Personal and Family Medical History on Family Sharing Practices in the Mass General Brigham Biobank

Krinio Giannikou, MSc, PhD

Distinct oncogenic signatures in malignant PEComa and Leiomyosarcoma identified by integrative RNA-seq and H3K27ac ChIP-seq analysis

Katarzyna Klonowska, PhD

90% TSC1/TSC2 mosaicism detection rate in Tuberous Sclerosis Complex patients without mutation identified in commercial labs